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  • We will propose a gorgeous bridal scene and coordination that you can spend happily with important families and close friends by making use of the know-how of "wedding ceremonies" accumulated by Heritage so far.
    Not only traditional weddings at the banquet hall but also parties with restaurants and private rooms can be used variously.
  • Wedding hall

    The start of their memories is from here.
    At the end of the door there is a stylish space based on a sloping ceiling and white.

  • Reception hall

    Party to show off guests with their gorgeous appearance to guests.
    The restaurant wedding and the second party are also okay with the restaurant rented out.
  • Wedding cuisine

    We hospitality everyone with Heritage's wedding cuisine that continues to explore local ingredients and safe and safe "food".

Partner dress shop

  • Heritage Hanno, there is a partnership dress shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo.Please make a reservation at the time of costume matching, please go out.Clothes of attendees are also accepted

    "Bridalsalon HANA" 03-3225-1187
    "Innocently Tokyo" 03-3354-0753 A beauty salon handling wedding ceremonies and magazine models will help you on sunny days.

    ≪Beauty·Kimono fee≫
    Before shooting, ¥ 25,000 (Tax excluded)
    On the day of arrival, ¥ 35,000(Tax excluded), Previous shoot + same day, ¥ 50,000 (Tax excluded)
    ≪Photo fee≫
    ¥ 15,000 per pose (Tax excluded)

    If you wish to rent costumes, we will introduce you to a partner store (Shinjuku).