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Each restaurant in the Seibu Hanno Station Building of Hanno Station in the Hanno Station
You can enjoy the gourmet "taste" spun by Heritage Resorts, such as the observatory buffet restaurant, the creative Japanese restaurant, and the bakery cafe full of cakes and the additive-free and bleached homemade hotel bread with passion.
Of course, we are waiting for use at parties and banquets.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for reservations.
  • Bakery & Cafe, OH! PAL

    On the 5th, 15th and 25th of every month. "Cake day"(Currently dormant)
    Short cakes are offered at a special price of 250 yen for all items.
  • Japanese Food Ja Po Ni Ka

    The fifth floor of the building creates a relaxed Japanese space.
    We offer seafood direct purchase at Tsukiji each week, dishes using mainly safe and secure ingredients from From Saitama Prefecture and hand-made buckwheat noodles and any kind of meal.
  • Heavenly Restaurants, Ginga Tetsudo

    A delicious meal while watching the scenery of Okumusashi from the top floor.

    Weddings and various parties are also available widely for banquet rental use.

    11F Buffet Restaurant "Ginga Tetsudo" is currently closed.

    We will inform you of it again on our website.