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Bakery & Cafe

You can use regional coupons! (Currently dormant)


Hanno Station Building 1st floor resting place

  • A variety of baked breads will arrive from time to time from the bakery room in the facility.
    You can enjoy the bread and drinks purchased in the eat-in space of 18 seats as they are.
    The keyword is to aim to offer "happy and enjoyable bread".
    You can also use the regional common coupons (currently suspended), Go To Eat, and Saitama Prefecture Tokutoku coupons that you can get with Go To Travel right now.
    OH a great coupon! Please use with PAL.
    We are waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.

    Business hours 9:30 to 19:00 
    Store location, Seibu Hanno Station Building 1st Floor Taxi stand

3/14 (Sunday) is White Day

  • In return for Valentine's Day! To the woman who is always indebted! Be a good friend!
    Why don't you give the hotel's special chocolate as a gift with your love and gratitude?
    Of course, as a reward for yourself!

    3 pieces chocolate ¥ 700(Included)
    4 pieces chocolate ¥ 850(Included)
    6 pieces chocolate ¥ 1,500(Included)
    Raw chocolate ¥ 800(Included)

    1F Bakery & Cafe OH! PAL sell at PAL!

    ※We do not usually sell it, so the quantity is limited.

We sell lunch boxes!

  • ·Ginger-grilled rice bowl(¥ 500 including tax)
    ·Chicken curry(¥ 500 including tax)
    ·Teriyaki bowl(¥ 500 including tax)
    ·Hashed beef(600 yen including tax)

    ~Limited Offer~
    ·Unadon(\ 1,500 including tax)

    We will increase the types of bento boxes in the future! stay tuned!

On the 5th, 15th and 25th of every month"Cake day" (Cake day will be canceled for a while)

  • Bakery & Cafe OH! PAL runs a 250 yen short cake campaign on the 15th and 25th of every month. (I will cancel for a while)

Hotel specially made pound cake

  • In order to be present at the “Sai no Kuni Magokoro Kokutai (national sports festival)” held in Saitama Prefecture in October 2004
    Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress stayed at Hotel Heritage Resort for two nights.
    This is a Hotel Heritage Original Cake that was occasionally eaten by Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress.
    Using carefully selected wheat flour, orange peel, butter egg egg, fruit wine, etc.,
    A deep, moist and fluffy original pound cake baked with heart in the bakery at the Heritage Resort.
  • Even if you can eat as it is, even if you eat it with warmth, you can eat it, you can eat various ways with ice cream or jam.
    There are two kinds of cakes, orange and walnut.
    Ideal for souvenirs.