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  • 2018 Christmas Dinner Show

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      December 23, 2018(Day)Christmas Dinner Show

      TAIZO (Variety imitation artist)
      Fuji Television series Improperly showing off 'X-JAPAN' at the first appearance in red and white singing fight!
      Recently he is acting as Imperial "B'z" corps of Imara Kisara Restaurant!
      Besides, it is active in various imitations such as TUBE, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Masaharu Fukuyama, Keisuke Kuwata!

      Haruka Yabuki (Enthusiastic Enka singer)
      Debut with "love story talk" and "whisping" Under the catch of Enka "32nd Japan Record Award" Newcomer Award
      Energetic enka singers who have won numerous awards for newcomers, including the first generation.
      Of course, not only personal songs of the individual "From the Inn at the North" "Tsugaru Straits Winter Scenic Colors" "Blue Light Yokohama"
      Also cover songs fun!

      In the year of Heisei last year, we laughed at our last Christmas with our cuisine and drinks,
      Please spend a happy time singing.
      We invite you to come and see us at the Heritage Hall on Sunday, December 23, with your family and friends.
    • During the Summer Beer Festival acclaimed in 2018! ⇒ It ended.

      ☆___ normal⇒ ¥ 648 ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒ \ 250 (including tax)☆

      ☆All-you-can-drink 2 hours for adults☆
      2 hours ¥ 2,500(tax included)
      ·Draft Beer·Shochu·whiskey·Sake·Soft drink

      ★Period:From 6/12 Heisei 30 to 8/31 Heisei 30
      ★Time: 17: 00-22: 00(Last Order 21: 30)(Closed on Mondays)

      September Heisei Emperor Emperor Emperor Hiroyuki Fumiyuki We reproduced the menu offered by Heritage Hanno at lunch at Goryeo Shrine.
      Super golden pork ginger noodle
      ■Single item, ¥ 860(tax included)
      ■Set menu(Rice / Miso Soup / Oshin / Small bowl), ¥ 1,300(tax included)